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60061 航空界 上层 人物 叫苦不迭 如此 下去 航空 公司 早晚 成为 第二 赤字 充斥 国铁 JR 公司 首脑 因为 交通费 住宿费 服务费 国内外 价格 增大 警告 人们 产业 空洞化 现象 制造业 不断 其他 行业 扩展

Leaders of the airline industry cried , " The airline industry will soon become nothing but the second National_Railways_Corporation , which suffered from losses , " while executives of JR companies are warning against the increasing difference in the price of transportation , hotel , and service fees between Japan and overseas , saying , " de-industrialization is spreading from manufacturing industries to others . " (eng)

61178 明治 以来 今天 随着 民间 经济 不断 发展 成熟 起来 制造业 中心 政府 曾经 逐渐 取消 限制

Since the Meiji era up to present , the practice in Japan has been that as the private economy developed and matured , government control was removed with a focus on the manufacturing industry . (eng)

61181 制造业 以外 农业 服务业 行业 这样

Those industries other than the manufacturing industry such as agricultural and service fall in such areas . (eng)

61197 这个 重组 过程 部分 制造业 决心 海外 转移

During this process of reorganization , some manufacturers will go ahead and relocate abroad . (eng)

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