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11267 你们 福尔摩斯 " 这个 怪物 问道

Yet there was much around to interest us , for we were passing through as singular a countryside as any in England , where a few scattered cottages represented the population of to-day , while on every hand enormous square-towered churches bristled up from the flat green landscape and told of the glory and prosperity of old East Anglia . (eng)

11379 最后 悬挂 床边 粗粗 铃拉绳 问道 这个 铃通 什么 地方 "

But it did seem very loud . " (eng)

11410 敲敲 保险柜 问道 里面 什么


61656 记者 会见 美国 记者团 提问 集中 这些 问题 极为 理所当然

It really comes as no surprise that questions from the American press corps focused on these issues during the press conference . (eng)

61973 据说 听取 村山富市 首相 施政 方针 演说 代表 提问 以及 预算 委员会 在野 新进党 海部 俊树 党首 推举 明天 内阁 阁员 挑起 类型 论战

It has been reported that during the question period and the appropriation committee meeting following the administrative policy speech by Prime_Minister_Tomiichi_Murayama , the opposition New_Frontier_Party will introduce the Ministers of the " Tomorrow Cabinet " led by the party head Toshiki_Kaifu and will challenge the government with a debate in an unconventional way . (eng)

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