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326 开发 碰壁 绞尽脑汁 无法 做出 补丁 时候 通常 应该 问问 自己 ´ 是否 找到 正确 答案

61974 据说 尤其是 海部 打算 充分 利用 提问 时间 进行 提案型 代表 咨询 新进党 政见 政府 政策 差异 得以 明确化 如果 通过 论战 突出 立轴 不错

In particular , it is said that Mr._Kaifu intends to take full advantage of his question time and put forward " proposal-style " questions to clarify the party 's political view and how it differs from the government measures and policies , which will be fine if the debate during the process leads to the revelation of issues to be confronted . (eng)

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