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60025 细川 内阁 时期 编制 预算 内阁 成员 提出 应该 促成 预算 通过 从而 反对 内阁 改组

In the time of the Hosokawa_Cabinet , the reshuffling of the Cabinet was opposed on the grounds that Cabinet ministers who compiled the budget had to manage passage of its bill through the Diet . (eng)

60178 克林顿 政权 打算 反对 北约 扩充 政策 自由派 后盾 对付 共和党 但是 看来 不得不 以前 叶利钦 政权 怀柔 路线 修改

Although the Clinton administration hopes to deal with the Republicans based on support from liberals who are against the expansion of NATO , it is viewed as certain that the President will be forced to substantially modify his original line to embrace Russia_'s_Yeltsin administration . (eng)

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