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232 布鲁克斯 定律 对于 开发 团队 过大 导致 担忧 结果 分析 基于 潜在 假设 项目 必须 采用 连通 通讯 结构 其他 任何 取得 联系

11550 百叶窗 可能 照到 房间 光线 遮住

Are you aware that Mrs. Hilton Cubitt has herself lain under grave suspicion of the murder of her husband , and that it was only my presence here , and the knowledge which I happened to possess , which has saved her from the accusation ? (eng)

62087 外交 重要 连贯性 计算 可能性

The most important thing in diplomacy is that it is consistent and possible to calculate . (eng)

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